Passionate progressive farming striving for constant improvement in all aspects of crop production

“Soils are our main asset and we should never do anything to compromise them. My aim is to hand the farm on in a better condition than when I received it. We are only custodians for the next generation.” – Robert Salmon

Protecting the soil is the beating heart in our whole business and everything we do revolves around this philosophy.


We run a diverse long rotation typically from 6 – 9 years growing a range of crops including Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Spring Beans, Linseed, Herbage Seed, Potatoes, Maize and Sugar Beet.


Organic manures are widely used across the rotations on all farms. It is the best way to dispose of livestock waste whilst keeping our soils healthy. We apply different products at different stages in the rotation course. This keeps the micro bacteria in the soil diverse and thriving.

Variable rate technology is used in crop nutrition and also sowing. This means we are limiting wastage but keeping fields consistent, yielding to their full potential all as efficiently as possible.


Our fleet has always been the highest standard of machinery to do the best job possible. Our cultivation tractors are all on tracks to reduce compaction further which has been the policy since the 1960’s. We replace kit when there is a technological improvement to help us push yields higher.

A 12m Control Traffic farming system is being developed on the farms to keep our footprint on the soils to a minimum thus reducing the damage compaction does to soil. Pure and simply running equipment over land damages structure and soil health. We aim to reduce this trafficking to below 15% compared to 80-100% trafficked in conventional farming systems.

Performance monitoring

We constantly look at ways of improving our performance and ways we can continue to push yield higher. Many trials are done on the farm whether it be fungicides, worm counts or compaction testing.

Contract farming

Excellent relationships with our clients are the primary objectives of contract farming whilst providing the best service possible. Being a family run business, we treat each of our client’s farms with exactly the same care, rotation and farming system as we do our own farm. We are looking to expand our farming operations so if you would like more information please don’t hesitate to come for a chat and a tour around.